What I believe

While applying to serve the Norman Public Schools Board of Education in 2014, I was asked what I believed. Over six years later my answer is the same, public schools are the future of everything!

All students deserve the opportunity to achieve their dreams and desires. Public education is their foundation and upon which strong communities are built. This foundation unlocks the potential of the human spirit as teachers make the world a better place every day one child at a time.

I am always proudest of being on the school board during graduation. Seeing our kids off and knowing we have done everything in our power to give them the tools they need to be successful, reminds me how much I want to continue to serve them.

I believe strongly in all students and know how much we will be calling on this next generation in the days to come.

Thank you,

Why I Serve

There is no more important version of volunteer service than supporting public schools. The desire to serve the community, children, teachers and create the best future for all students is why I seek to continue on the Norman Public Schools Board of Education.

Every student deserves an equal opportunity to be prepared and inspired to achieve their full potential.

Every student deserves an equitable method to be prepared and inspired to achieve their full potential.

The foundation of my adult success is completely rooted in the primary, secondary, and higher public education I received in Oklahoma. It is imperative to support, to give back, and pay it forward for all of the incredible experiences generated through previous teachers, coaches, instructors, professors, mentors, volunteers, support staff, administration and sponsors.

My wife, Stephanie, is a product of a family dedicated to public education for over 130 years. Her parents are teachers, as are five other generations of her family.

I understand the sacrifices of time away from family, purchasing supplies from a personal savings account, struggling to reach kids who have suffered immense trauma or speak English as a second language, teaching to overcrowded classrooms all while smiling and creating a positive learning environment every day.

This makes serving on the board a personal mission. Together we can create a world-class setting for our teachers and students and continue to serve their interests in all we do.

Dirk and Stephanie have a 7th grader attending Alcott Middle School and will have two kindergarten students attending Monroe Elementary in the fall. 

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There is nothing more important than our kids!  I would like to know your thoughts about how we are doing at Norman Public Schools and how you think we can make things better. Just shoot me an email using the form below, or directly to info@dirkforkids.com.

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